Information and Support

Anxiety Disorder Resource Centre:
A free resource centre for people with anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Breathing Space Scotland: 0800 838 587:
Good resources for information, advice, and sign-posting for various mental health issues and a range of related problems: financial and work issues, bereavement, pain, etc.  The organisation also provides telephone support (free confidential phone line) for sufferers.

Doing Well:
This website offers extensive advice and information on depression, its treatments, and how it is managed.  There are some useful patient’s stories and an opportunity to share your own experience.  There is a self-assessment function and an emphasis on the management of depression.

Information about alcohol addiction and rehabilitation.

Living Life to the Full:
Free access to a mental health skills course based on CBT.  Includes several teaching sessions. 

Mental Health Foundation:
The Mental Health Foundation exists to help people survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems.

A national and excellent advocate for people with mental health issues giving information on and self-help about stress, anxiety, depression, mental health and related issues.

This NHS Forth Valley website has a number of downloadable documents containing information on how to cope with Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Bereavement, Post Traumatic Stress, Sleep Problems, etc. with lots of local contacts and further information.

Edinburgh & Lothian Resources:

Mental Health Resources in Edinburgh: Go to the 'Links' section (left-hand side-bar) and search alphabetically or 'Search' for what you want.

Edinburgh Counselling Agencies List
Here is a list of available counselling resources: see here.

Counselling & Psychotherapy
You can find other counsellors and/or psychotherapists in Edinburgh on the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) website or on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) website.


"Help Yourself Towards Mental Health"  by Courtenay Young (Karnac, 2010)
A comprehensive, pragmatic, self-help (sort of) 'bible', especially designed for people with anxiety, depression & low self-esteem. "This is an extensive collection of self-help material, which has been written to provide resources to complement self-exploration or professional counselling." (Amazon Review)
This book covers most issues that ordinary people have to deal with in everyday life.
For about the cost of a normal therapy session, you will save the cost of several sessions and also a lot of confusion and distress. It is available from Karnac (here) or Amazon (here).

Self-Help Booklets: Please click on the following for an 8 - 12 page PDF download of Booklets on Anxiety, Depression and/or Stress.  
  Relationship Issues: A 5-page self-help hand-out for people experiencing relationship difficulties. Download as a PDF file
  The Felt Sense of SelfA 4-page self-help, body-oriented, meditational exercise from mindfulness practice. 
Download as a PDF file
  Working with Phobias: A 9-page handout about self-help techniques for 'Systematic Desensitization'. Download as a PDF file
  Sleep Issues: A 5-page self-help handout for people with sleep issues. Download as a PDF file
  About Panic Attacks: A 3-page information sheet about Panic Attacks and How To Stop Them. Download as a PDF file
  Self-Esteem Issues: A 12-page self-help handout for people with low self-esteem.  Download as a PDF file
  Body-Psychotherapy Meditations: A number of body-oriented meditations to do alone, or in a group. Download as a PDF file

Courtenay Young has written a book on "First Contacts with People in Crisis & Spiritual Emergencies"; available from Amazon (here), AuthorHouse (here) or here from the author.  He has also written many published articles on a number of issues to do with psychotherapy and counselling.  Please go to his "Articles" page (here), where all these are available free-of-charge as a PDF download.

How to find us:

The Salisbury Centre is at the north-east end of Salisbury Road, near the Commonwealth Pool and the 'Salisbury Arms' pub.
However, Courtenay Young now sees Edinburgh clients at another location: Tara Rokpa, 12 Marchhall Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16 5HL.
During the CoVid-19 pandemic, sessions are by telephone or Skype.

There is free on-road parking in this area after 11:00 am

phone 07730-422800 - or